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Armor Specs: Firepower Armor
(Pic courtesy BOB LAYTON -- copy of original Firepower design, originally seen in A.I. #28)

Designer: Edwin Cord
Worn by: Jack Taggert
Appeared: Iron Man #230

Design notes :

Shell Composition: The armor has thick steel alloy plating and protected articulated joints. The armor protects the wearer against physical attacks as well as heat, cold, energy, radiation and acid.

Power Source and Energy Information:
The armor ran on batteries and was able to recharge itself from electrical sources.

Control Systems Interface:
Cybernetic interface and battle computer (Mark2).

*Chest mounted heat beams
*Rocket launchers
*Back pack nuclear missile
*Grenade launchers
*Arm mounted particle beams
*Shoulder mounted lasers

Boot jets (Mark 4). This armor has similar turbines to Iron Man's Mark 5 armor. Instead of miniature turbines, Firepower has huge turbines on each ankle.

Full-band transceiver both audio and visual.

Jack Taggert was selected to don a super-duper set of armor created by Stark business rival Edwin Cord. Cord's machinations were thrwarted by Iron Man in the past, and now he was determined to finally trash Shellhead! He saw his opportunity during the "Armor Wars" when IM "went rogue." Cord and his Firepower suit were contracted by the U.S. government to stop Iron Man. This they did, and Taggert annihilated the Iron Man Silver Centurion armor! However, a mere issue later, Stark created the New Red and Gold armor and took FP apart in a few panels! Cord created the armor using Stark's stolen technology.

Thanks once again to Paul Livingston for this armor contribution!

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