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Armor Specs: Mark 9

Iron Man Telepresence Armor

Nickname: Telepresence Armor
Designer: Anthony Stark, HOMER
Worn By: Anthony Stark
Appeared: Iron Man #280

Notes :

Shell Composition:  Rigid interior/3-D knitted metallic exterior provided protection from physical attacks as well as acid, heat, cold, most forms of energy, radiation, and electricity. A 3-D knitting pattern on a submolecular construction level gives the armor itself more strength, while allowing for the most comfortable suit interior.
Power Source and Energy Information:  Beta Particle Power Supply; Solar Energy Converters; Energy Induction Grid.
Control Systems Interface:  Cybernetic interface and battle computer integrated with the Telepresence Neural Net. This armor was the first to incorporate the telepresence system. While it was still worn as a suit of armor, the functions and muscle control were carried out by the suit, not by the wearer.
*Unibeam (Mark 3): Variable intensity light source. Can be focused for use as a spotlight or fine-focused for use as a laser.
*Sonic Emitter: Generates and broadcasts high frequency sound waves.
*Repulsors (Mark 3): Laser-guided particle beam emission units mounted in the palm of each hand.
*Pulse Bolts: The armor can generate torpedoes of high energy plasma. They increase in intensity as they travel. However, they are slow-moving projectiles, easily dodged.
*Heat Beam: The armor can generate a narrow beam of intense heat. It can also be internalized to heat the surface of the armor until it is too hot to touch.
*Sonic Distorter.
*Electromagnetic Pulse: The armor can generate a pulse of electromagnetic energy that shuts down all electrical systems within a 1 mile radius. However, it also shuts down the armor until it can reboot (currently this takes about six minutes).
*Life Support Equipment: The eye and mouth hole slits could be sealed. The suit had a supply of air to last about an hour.
*Boot Jets (Mark 4): Uses high-speed triple-source turbines located in the boots.
*Force Field: By expanding the field that keeps the armor rigid, the armor can encase itself in a protective force field that is effective against most forms of attack. He can also used this field to polarize the armor to either attract or repulse other items of magnetic polarity. The armor can temporarily surround itself with a force field that greatly increases its protection from attacks. While the force field is engaged, the armor is unable to use any other systems.
*Voice Distorter.
*Subterranean Equipment.
*Energy Induction Grid: Embedded in the surface of the armor is an absorption grid. It is able to absorb energy from attacks or surrounding power sources to recharge the armor or redirect into the weapons systems.
*Hologram Emitter: Generates 12 simultaneous images of the armor. It is used to confuse the enemy. He is unable to identify the real armor allowing IronMan an attack advantage. It could also be used to generate a chameleon field around itself. The computer in the armor would analyze its surroundings and generate a hologram to make it blend in with the surroundings making it effectively invisible visually and to cameras.
*ECM Equipment: The outer coating of the armor absorbs the signals from both radar and sonar making the armor invisible to those forms of detection.
Protected Senses: The armor contains ear protectors to baffle incoming noise greater than 70 decibels. Similarly, blinding lights trigger polarized lenses in the helmet's eye slots.
*Tractor and Repulsor Beam: Using magnetism, the armor can generate a tractor and repulsor field.
*Language Translator: The computer in his armor is able to translate to and from English and many of Earth's more popular languages.
*Anti-Theft Device: The armor is protected from anybody analyzing or duplicating the circuits in the armor. Once tripped, the security circuits melt the interior of the armor to slag. A few minutes later, the armor explodes to destroy itself.
*Force Shield: A focused photon emitter on the back of his left wrist that shapes into a shield.
*Communications Probe: It allows the computers in the armor to establish a wireless link to other computer systems and assume control of them.
Sensors:  Full Band Transceiver: both Audio and Visual; Radar; Sonar; Infrared; Electrical/Magnetic: By measuring the variences in the magnetic fields in structures, the armor could reverse engineer a schematic of the layout of where power lines ran inside of the walls and overlay the layout onto the visual display inside the helmet; Life Detector: Uses a combination of pinpointing heat sources and measuring their temperatures.

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