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Author Topic: Patrick Stewart back on Star Trek.  (Read 256 times)
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« on: August 12, 2018, 05:01:01 AM »

I'm sure that any Trekkies on here have already heard about this. But I wanted to throw my own speculation about what it may be about out there. Obviously it's going to allow for the years that have gone by since Nemesis & Stewart said that Picard wouldn't be a Captain anymore. I think that they'll take a page from the books & comics & make him an Ambassador. However, instead of a usual posting that would lock him to 1 planet, they'll make him an Ambassador-At-Large. This would make him a diplomatic trouble-shooter. Whenever a political fire breaks out somewhere they send him in to put it out. He would have an office, probably on some Starbase, that he would only be using to file his reports & receive his next assignment. This would see him running off to different parts of the Galaxy every week dealing with a different problem. This would also see him rotating through different Starships as he would be traveling on whatever vessel was available to transport him & provide whatever mission support he needed. As a result he would be conferencing with a different Captain & senior staff. Which, of course, opens the door to seeing some familiar faces cropping up from time to time. 1 mission of particular importance might require the presence of both an Ambassador & an Admiral. Enter Admiral Riker & his personal Flagship the U.S.S. Titan to be his escort! I think this would work as a series. But we'll just have to wait & see what CBS throws out.
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