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Author Topic: Top Gun 2 if I were writing/directing it.  (Read 125 times)
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« on: June 12, 2018, 07:02:51 PM »

I have to start with a warning. Don't read this if you're a Trump supporter! It'll offend your sensibilities!                                                                                          The story starts with the leader of the U.S., Donald J. Duck, attempting to form a friendship with the dictator of Northern Coria, Kym Lil' Unn. He loves dictators & hopes to be 1 someday. Besides, he might get a Nobel Peace Prize out of it. However, the Intelligence & Military communities see that Lil' Unn is playing him while preparing to launch a large military strike that's designed to de-stabilize the region leaving it open to him invading his neighbors.       But when Viper ( now a 4 star & assigned to the White House) & others try to inform The Duck of this he dismisses it as "Fake Intelligence" generated by the "Deep State" to keep him from his impending friendship & Peace Prize.        Meanwhile, Maverick, still a Captain because he refuses to transfer to command of a ship or Naval Air Station in order to advance, has to deal with a bunch of new pilots assigned to his air wing. They're like he was at the start of the 1st movie. They're a handful & the only 1 he can commiserate with is his former rival & commander of the CVBG Rear Admiral (Upper Half) Iceman.             Now Lil' Unn is set to launch his attack but The Duck still refuses to listen & orders no further discussion of the subject! Viper & the others, realizing what's at stake, decide that they have to take matters into they're own hands. They know that's it the end of their careers & they may even go to prison. But for the good of the world they have to do it. He reaches out to Jester, a Vice Admiral at the Pentagon in charge of deployments, to find out who's in the area. Then he contacts Iceman to tell him the situation. He can't order him to act as he has no authority & if he does this it'll mean his career too. Iceman agrees to do it & so does Maverick. However they decide not to tell the others that this is a rogue Op.               Lil'Unn launches just as Maverick does, the result is a big , hairy furball during which Maverick shoots down 2 planes making him the 1st ace since '72. After a bunch of losses the Northern Coria forces withdraw & the air wing returns to a heroes welcome.            Lil' Unn becomes so enraged that he decides to scattershot all of his nukes in retaliation. His people, realizing how the world would respond to this, tackle him before he can hit the button. They know that the only way to stop him is remove him from power. But with the loyalty he command the can't simply arrest or exile him. So he's on his knees in the office of his palace with 2 of his advisors holding his arms while a 3rd holds a pistol to the back of his head. The camera goes to black just as we hear the shot.      The Duck wants everyone  sent straight to prison with no trial! But the press has gotten hold of it & now they're heroes & locking them up would make him look bad. So he makes the best of it by announcing that he personally ordered & even planned the defensive action that stopped Lil' Unn & lead to his downfall. That the meeting was all a plan to take him off-guard. Then he forces a smile. Maverick, back on the carries looks out to sea with look of satisfaction at a job well done as the music swells & we fade to black.
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