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Author Topic: Thoughts about Spider-Man: Homecoming  (Read 1396 times)
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« on: August 02, 2017, 12:56:21 AM »

I've been waiting for someone to start a thread on this, but either no one watched it or didn't care enough to comment on it, so I'll start. While I.M. wasn't in it all that much his presence was still meaningful. Tony being the one to make the spider suit, with bells & whistles naturally, was a twist. At 1st I thought Iron Spider until we were shown the Spider-Man armor near the end. I also found Tony's PR plan b to be interesting. Apparently he's been planning for a while to propose to Pepper & Peters declining the offer to join the Avengers forced him to change the when & where of him popping the question, though Peppers answer remains unknown. I think this will play into making Tony's battle with Thanos a more personal one as he'll be fighting to save his family more than saving the world. As for Peter, this movie took him back to his start in the comics which was a good move. There was nothing wrong with the previous efforts starting with him being 18. But it gave him an independence that he didn't have in the early comics. So making him 15 felt right. It gave him the awkwardness that only an underage high-schooler has. I think this one is going to go more than 2 movies ( no offense Mr. Garfield ).
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« Reply #1 on: August 02, 2017, 05:15:04 PM »

I've been really busy with the end of semester, and barely had time to even lurk.

I loved the movie. Like you said, Tony's presence was not big, but still left a big mark. His relationship with Peter as a mentor was fantastic. I think they handled Tony really well, showing that he does have a reason more than valid for stepping in and scolding Peter, while also embracing the more loving aspects of the mentorship. So many people in the fandom have this twisted vision of Tony Stark, and this movie didn't let them have even the slimmest piece of evidence to villainize him. Tony really cared for Peter and it shows. Like that moment when Peter says "If you cared you'd be here." and Tony steps right out of the armor. This whole movie was such a wholesome representation of Tony after Age of Ultron and Civil War gave so many people so much ammunition to villainize him.

Design-wise, the new armor was exactly the same as the previous one, but it looked fantastic in the new paintjob, and the callback to the Ultimate Armor was a really nice touch. I wish this armor lasted more, but based on everything we know so far for Avengers: Infinity War, it seems this suit will suffer the fate of being discared off-screen. The upcoming new armor is so ugly...

Speaking of the armor, there was one little minor detail in the movie that made me feel happy. In the scene when the Vulture hijacks the plane, the MK 42 armor can be seen in storage in the background. I'm happy to know this suit which has really grown on me has been rebuilt. There's also the fact that if Tony has rebuilt at least one armor which has been destroyed, there are chances we get to see the Hall of Armor again.

To finish off the Iron Man-related stuff in this post, I'm very happy the movie fixed the Russos' mess with Pepper and Tony's relationship. Watts even doubled down and had them (possibly) become engaged. It was nice to see Happy Hogan again after so long. I guess to sum up, I'm happy with everything this movie did to Tony Stark, except having him sell the Avengers Tower. It's such an important landmark of the MCU, and the New Avengers Facility pales in comparison, tbh.

Into the other aspects of the movie: Tom Holland's performance was fantastic, he was a genuinely naive superhero with a good heart and a strong personality. He messed up, but not in a stupid way. He's just a kid trying his best. He was great both as Peter Parker and Spider-Man.

I really liked Peter's classmates, it was a group with distinct people. I mean this in the sense that besides Flash and (a little bit) Michelle, the group wasn't solely composed of archetypes. Even someone like Ned didn't feel like he was there to fill the role of "the nerd." I don't like that Ned is a carbon copy of Ganke Lee with another name, but aside from that he was fun. I'm not a fan of "so uncool they're cool" characters like Michelle, but she was good in small doses, which is why I hope if she gets more screen time in the sequel, she's tonned down a little bit.

The Vulture was fantastic, kinda sympathetic, but not enough to make you feel sorry for him. He was a great villain both with and without the wings, the scene in the car with Peter proves that. I'm also relieved in the end he didn't hold such a grudge against Tony as the trailers made it out to be. I mean, he's kinda pissed at him, with Tony being indirectly the reason he became avillain, but the trailers made it look like he was out for vengeance, when in reality the Vulture even tried to avoid being noticed by the big guns.

To sum up, it was an amazing movie. Loved almost every single bit. Can't wait for the sequel, even if they mentioned Tony won't be in it.

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« Reply #2 on: August 06, 2017, 09:55:08 PM »

It was a fun movie. As far as the Iron Man moments, while it was cool to see Paltrow back as Potts, the whole proposal thing just sort of happening in that movie was fairly lame, I thought. I thought Keaton played a great role - he has always been a solid actor, and he played a legit character in this movie.

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