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Author Topic: Legends of the Dark Knight: Norm Breyfogle vol. 1  (Read 1537 times)
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« on: August 08, 2015, 06:33:04 PM »

I just got this very attractive hardcover in my most recent DCBS order.  When I first read about the solicitations for it, I was really excited and, to be honest, a little shocked that it took so long to start collecting Breyfogle's work on Batman. IMHO the guy is a seminal Batman artist, and I never understood why I'd rarely hear his name while other people would talk about Jim Aparo's run, which (again, IMO) is quite simplistic compared to Breyfogle's compelling, early McFarlane-esque linework, great expression rendering and page framing.

It's a shame that this hardcover was created for the reasons it was, but it's nice to know that buying a copy serves a good cause too. I've been a fan of Breyfogle's Batman since I my first issue of Detective Comics, #603, off the newsstand in 1989.  Even more fitting considering the cover of this compilation now that I realize it!

This is a great hardcover covering much of Breyfogle's early Batman and 'Tec work. I picked up my copy, brand new, online, for about 24 bucks I think.  I highly recommend it as the artwork is truly magnificent, and the stories (including "The Mud Pack" arc) harken back to a time when comics were fun, and superhero's still took on super villains in what are now Bronze-era classics.  This also includes the 1st appearance of the well-known Batman villain, The Ventriloquist & Scarface, co-created by Breyfogle as well.

Here's the solicit for the book:
Often credited with revitalizing the Dark Knight in the 1980’s, Norm Breyfogle’s Batman was known for his signature dynamic style. Collected here for the first time are some of the Bat’s most seminal moments—from the first appearances of Ratcatcher, the Ventriloquist and Cornelius Stirk to an epic battle against all four Clayfaces, all drawn with Breyfogle’s always dramatic style.
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« Reply #1 on: August 08, 2015, 08:35:19 PM »

Thanks for the recommendation.  I have a number of these issues in a long box somewhere, but I would love to have them in a collection. 

I really wish DC would embrace their history and release something akin to Marvel's Epic Collection books.  DC had some great books in the 80's that deserve to be collected.   
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