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Author Topic: Marvel Cosmic (Silver Surfer, Guardians of the Galaxy, Quasar, Thanos, etc)  (Read 3170 times)
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« on: October 20, 2013, 05:34:03 PM »

I'm sort of a closet Marvel Cosmic nerd, an area of the Marvel U that we don't discuss much here. Interesting too, considering the role that Iron Man's volume 1 title played in catalyzing Jim Starlin's epic Thanos storyline that spanned a Universe of titles at Marvel starting with Iron Man #55, running through Warlock, Captain Marvel, the Avengers, and later on in Silver Surfer and the Infinity Trilogy.  Actually, the whole thing began in earnest with Iron Man vol. 1, #54, but the world recognizes #55 as host to several cosmic first appearances, foremost of which was Thanos.

Either way, I've always loved the Marvel Cosmic stuff in general, and one of my personal favorites was always Quasar. If you've never read it, read the Cosmos in Collision storyline from the Mark Gruenwald series - it features some of the coolest Marvel cosmic stuff going on ever, as well as some incredible line work by Greg Capullo.

I've been watching some Quasar related auctions as of late, and they are knocking it out of the park! Check these out......

I only know of one copy of Captain America #217 CGC'd at 9.8, which sold a couple years back for over $150.  This 9.6 popped up online and just sold  as outlined below! This is the first appearance of Wendell Vaughn with the Quantum Bands, calling himself Marvel Man and working as an Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Captain America # 217 - January 1978 - Near Mint (9.6)
Final Sale Price - $155.00 + $12.00 Shipping
Item # 321228342040

I've been watching the auction on this next book all week, but then forgot it ended today and I missed it. -facepalms-
Captain America #217 is the first appearance of Wendell Vaughn aka Quasar as Marvel Man, but this Hulk issue is the first appearance of the character as "Quasar".

Incredible Hulk #234 | Near Mint (9.Cool
Final Sale price - $159.50 + $10.25 Shipping
Item # 271297524266

Also, for Iron Man completists out there, pick up Quasar #1 and you'll find that Tony Stark has a pretty relevant role in Wendell acquiring and wielding the quantum bands during an emergency.  This is the kind of stuff that Marvel movies are made of!

I'm hoping that Guardians of the Galaxy is an amazing movie so that Marvel Cosmic keeps growing. The Protector of the Universe could take out those silly lanterns any day!
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« Reply #1 on: October 26, 2013, 10:47:06 PM »

Cosmic Marvel is definitely a lot of fun.  I feel like because it's not as "mainstream" in what they do, the writers have a little more freedom to do what they want out there.

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« Reply #2 on: October 29, 2013, 09:18:25 PM »

I do like Marvel cosmic. And frankly, it's events like Annihilation have been much better than the standard events like Civil War. Actually, if you rolled up the major events like Civil War, World War Hulk, Secret Invasion, Siege, filtered out all the crap you may have enough good in all of those to equal Annihilation.

Actually, scratch that, if you include CW and WWH there is no way it can be good. Such horrid events...

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« Reply #3 on: July 01, 2014, 06:47:20 PM »

Anyone up for some collection sharing?  Post your coolest stuff here!  I'd love to see everyone's favorite cosmic stuff.  Anything you want - cool trades, 1st appearances, full runs, keys.  I'll get things going with a few of my Marvel cosmic keys....

Quasar Books
Captain America #217 | CGC 9.6
First appearance of Wendell Vaughn as Marvel Man. 18 blue labels total on the CGC Census, 6 in 9.6, 3 in 9.8. This has  been a surprisingly expensive slab for some time now, but it's a cosmic key and a must-have for Quasar fans.

Incredible Hulk #234 | CGC 9.8
First appearance of Wendell Vaughn as Quasar. There are 57 copies on the census, 28 of which are 9.8s. This is an obscure book though because it's going to appeal to Hulk collectors as well as niche cosmic collectors, and most copies are going to be tied up in collections because of that niche group.  Even with that said, I couldn't believe how this book was doing on the market as a 9.8 CGC. Expect to pay 200+ at this point in time - I've seen this manifest several times now too.

Quasar #1 | CGC 9.8
First issue of Quasar's solo book in mint condition. Shows the origin of Quasar.  This is the only 9.8 on the census, none higher.

Nova Books
Nova #1 | CGC 9.0
First appearance of Richard Ryder and Ginger Jaye. There are a metric ton of these on the census - to date 826 copies have been graded. Anything in the 9-point family are selling at a premium at the moment, but the 9.6's and 9.8's are out of control online.  There are 94 9.8's and 224 9.6's on the census. I was happy to go with a 9.0 and own one of 70 copies as of last count.

Fantastic Four Books
Fantastic Four vol. 1 #50, #65, #67, #120, #205, and Annual #6
3rd Silver Surfer, but still a part of the character's first arc in comics.
1st appearance of Ronan the Accuser.
1st appearance of Adam Warlock - the character is a cocoon throughout most of the issue but on the last pages makes his first appearance before moving on to the Thor title.
1st appearance of Air-Walker
1st appearance of the Nova Corps. I love obscure books like this one...
1st appearance of Annihilus. Arguably a character that almost no one took seriously until Marvel's Annihilation stuff.

Iron Man Firsts
Iron Man #54 & 55
First appearance of Moondragon in #54, called Madame MacEvil in this arc (OOOOoookay then).  #55 is the first Drax the Destroyer and Thanos.

Marvel Cosmic Entities
Strange Tales #138 | CGC 9.0
First appearance of Eternity!  Graded Universal 186 times, 40 9.0's.

Strange Tales #158
First full appearance of the Living Tribunal after a brief cameo in issue #157. This is the better book - the Tribunal's three head's are seen and used, and the character is key to the story in which he is judging Earth against Dr. Strange's defense.

Warlock Books
Warlock & The Infinity Watch #1 | CGC 9.8
First appearance of the Infinity Watch as well as the aftermath of the Infinity Gauntlet.  There are 41 Universal copies of this book on the census, only 20 of which are 9.8's Weird. I thought there'd be more.

Strange Tales #178, 179 & 180
First Magus, first Pip and first Gamora. I'd like to think that if Guardians is awesome, the Gamora book would take off the way Incredible Hulk #271 has (which is actually a commonly mistaken first app, but that's another story)

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