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Author Topic: Whatcha’ been reading?  (Read 29885 times)
Stark Resilient
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« Reply #75 on: August 06, 2014, 07:35:17 PM »

I've been all about Image Comics lately.  I'm so tired of reading a cape book, and feeling like nothing that I read is important.  I'm tired of writers not doing their homework on characters and doing whatever they want.  I much prefer reading these creator owned comics now, where the stories have weight to them.  My personal favorite lately has been East of West by Hickman and Dragotta.  I've never connected to a comic like I have this one.  It's written brilliantly, the art is top notch, and the colors are out of this world, which goes to make it a beautiful book to read.  I can't recommend this one enough.  A couple other good ones are: Saga, Velvet, Thief of Thieves, Manhattan Projects, and Five Ghosts.

Try "Spread" by Image. It's really crazy and some people are saying that culturally it could be the next Walking Dead or Chew.  The first issue is a quick read, but it puts a hook in ya for some otherwise very bizarre content.  Also, Batman '66 is some throwback fun. IDW's Ninja Turtles has a pretty unique flavor as well, but if you've got a variant cover bug in you then watch out.

I actually did check that one out.  I'm on board for issue 2, but not ready to commit to it completely yet.

Yup, lol! That's where I'm at with it too... it's just... weird!

Agreed, but I'm definitely into the idea.

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« Reply #76 on: July 22, 2015, 02:28:47 PM »

Ever since Secret Wars took over, I've been reading that series, Armor Wars, Deadpool Secret Wars and Darth Vader. I miss each characters individual series like Iron Man, SpiderMan, Deadpool, GOTG etc. Though I'm loving the Groot series.

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« Reply #77 on: September 08, 2015, 07:20:22 PM »

Been reading Archie's Megaman series, back issues of various series planning to read all my TMNT isssues I've been avoiding since my Grand Mother passed away two years ago. On the web comic front Andrew Dickman's (that's actually his last name) Roomies is a great read if into furries, which is a story about three people who share a apartment and is a semi biography of the creator.

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« Reply #78 on: October 31, 2015, 11:18:10 PM »

I recently expanded my Green Arrow collection beyond Grell's Longbow Hunters and the available trades of his run after that I got a few months ago. Got my first Absolute, the Smith Green Arrow run, the deluxe of Meltzer's follow up issues (an amazing story and brief history of GA all in one go) and picked up some of Winnick's trades and Year One. One of my favourite characters now, never thought I'd say that about an archer, especially not one who still chooses the stupid hat over the cooler hood lol.

I then saw a video of the Green Lantern by Johns omnibus and found a good price and took a shot. I've read Rebirth and a few issues that follow and am loving it so far. Already ordered the next omnibus. I love fighter jets too which helped. It has that mix of pushing the limits, technology, determination and struggle that I loved about pre-ruined Iron Man.

I've also discovered I like space stories when they are firmly based on Earth characters. I can't really relate to the Guardians of the Galaxy, for example, but Hal Jordan trying to get flying work on Earth and then shooting off to space for something sits well with me. Once I thought about it I realised I was always that way with other things. I like the Avengers stories in space, or Iron Man doing something up there briefly but have no real interest in Star Wars or something.

I also discovered Lone Wolf And Cub omnibus editions from Dark Horse. I've got the first two but have only read the first so far as I wanted to break them up a bit for my attention spans sake. The first one contains some of the most incredible visual story telling I've ever read. They are great stories with amazing action and philosophy and dark humour. Obviously a huge influence on people like Frank Miller.

It's been a successful period of experimenting and I have Marvel's dropping the ball to thank I think. I could be sat here waiting for another Marvel omnibus I'll enjoy and not think about again if they'd kept me firmly on the hook instead of dangling like I am now.

(Can't wait for the next Moon Knight Epic Collection though!)
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